Chiropractic / ki're-prak'tik /

noun A system of optimizing human performance and potential by restoring or enhancing the body's function.
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Dr. Raymond Bakhoum DC

Dr. Raymond Bakhoum currently practices in multiple offices in the Houston area. He focuses on sports injuries and maintenance of healthy neuromuscular function. In addition to his Chiropractic degree he holds a BS degree from the University of Houston. He has practiced for two decades, focusing on improving his patients well being. He accomplishes this task by implementing manipulation, myofascial therapy, physiotherapy and stretch therapy to achieve the best overall outcome.

On a personal level he loves to focus on muscle development and most of all spend time with his three beautiful daughters.

Specialist in these areas


  • Spinal Manipulation
  • Soft Tissue Treatment
  • Myofascial Release
  • Sports Preparedness
  • Sports Injuries
  • Stretch Therapy
  • Kinetic Therapy
  • Pregnancy Support
  • Children (8+ yrs)
  • Headache Treatment
  • Physical Medicine

Dr. Ray worked on my shin splits, I had been having them on all my runs once I got over the 3 mile mark. Through a combination of electric stim and active release, and only one treatment. I have been shin splint free. Since my treatment, I have even been able to do Aramco half marathon! I feel great!

Amanda Anderson
Amanda Anderson Client, medical professional

I've been coming to Dr. Ray for a few years, off an on when I need adjusting. Once my gold swing goes off, I know it's time for a re-adjustment.

I've been to other places and other doctors and no one has been able to fix my back pain completely. I highly recommend Dr. Bakhoum!

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5910 Fairdale ln., Houston, TX 77057

281 . 412 . 0669


07:40 AM Galleria 07:40 AM COMING SOON